The importance of taking action when opportunity is presented to you

January 7, 2016
The Examiner

Why is it so important to take action upon your opportunities when they come to you? Because this opportunity that is presented to you right now might never come back to your door. If you do not act on it, you probably have lost your biggest life opportunity, and you don’t even see it because you think that life is long and there will be more opportunities like this. You convince yourself that you will act on it next time. But there  won’t be a next time.

Don’t be afraid to take action. If you are afraid of doing, then what is the point of living? Our life consists of our decisions that we make; every second consists of taking action on something. Life is like a chess game, and your opponent is time. If you hesitate, you move because you are afraid to make the wrong decision. Soon, your opponent will remove your chess pieces from the table. You are playing this game with an opponent who does not forgive your indecision.

But how do you know when the right opportunity is presented you? You don’t know; you feel it. You must be really passionate about something and you have to put all your effort into your goal or passion. You have to work as hard as you can on your passion, then, when the time is right, the right opportunity will come to you and you’ll have to take action on it. It all happened to me, so I will share my story with you.

After a couple weeks of hard work, I finally finished writing my e-book. I was really excited about it because it was one of my main goals to write this book. But the next moment, I was a little bit thoughtful, because everything does not end after writing. The real deal only begins. You have to think about editing, promotion and all other things as it relates to book publishing. I was struggling with all this, and I did not know what to do next, but I didn’t give up. I had the right mindset. I knew that I would do it, and I would publish my first eBook, but I did not have the answer yet?

After some time, I was on my way to a game and went through my Facebook profile and saw that I had one message from Tim Young (CEO YSOP International). At that moment, I did not know anything about it, and I just thought it was another promotional message. What are the chances that someone I didn’t know would be willing to help me, especially if he lives on the other side of the world? At that moment, it seemed unreal to me, but I had this feeling that everything would be alright. He was telling me that he has an organization in the United States called YSOP International (Young’s Society of Outstanding Professionals) and that it supports young, talented people all around the world. It helps them to achieve their dreams and goals. I was listening to it and thinking, “Wow, is it really happening to me?” and yeah, it was! So I told him about my book and struggles with it, and he offered his own and his organization’s help. I agreed. And now, you see the final result. My eBook is published and ready to increase your value! With one success comes another and another. And it also happened in this case. After some time, he helped me to build my personal website, and I was able to do my first photo shoot. And it is all thanks to Tim and his organization.

Tim and YSOP International gave me my biggest opportunity in life so far, and I’m grateful for it. However, all this would not have happened if I had not taken action when Tim presented opportunity back then. The best thing is that this all is just the beginning. A lot of things will come.

I just want to say that if you are passionate about something, work hard on it and do not give up. I promise, life will give you opportunities, as it happened to me. You only have to see it, and when it happens, take action on it. Life is too short to live a regular life. You are created to do big things. Do not wait for the right moment; create one! Take action!