Swedish Adventurer and Public Speaker – Jonathan Ljungqvist

March 15, 2017
Tim Young

Jonathan Ljungqvist is a Swedish adventurer who has braved many daring adventures around the world. It goes without saying that passion, drive and hard work makes you stand out anywhere and so, it wasn’t surprising when the 24-year-old was recently nominated as 2016 Swedish adventurer of the year.  As a member of the Young Society of Outstanding Professionals, Jonathan Ljungqvist has used his adventure career for humanitarian purposes. Together with fellow Swedish adventurer, Marcus Aspsjo, he went roller skiing 4000 kilometers from New South Wales to Western Australia to raise money for victims of child labor. It takes guts to brave the high temperatures of more than 40 degrees in the Shell harbor in the Illawarra region of NSW.

The adventurous duo traveled through Moss Vale, Wagga Wagga, Balranald and Euston before arriving in Mildura where they coincidentally met and were greeted by the Mayor of the city, Glenn Milne who noticed them on the side of the road.

Together with his friend Marcus, Jonathan Ljungqvist tackled some extreme physical challenges in the course of the journey. Beginning in the summer of 2015, they set out on a year of adventure, as they called it. First, they paddled from Sweden to Istanbul and then walked the 100 miles through India. Finally, they also went roller skiing through Australia, from Sydney to Perth.

The total distance they traveled in Australia was almost 400 miles. They have now concluded that challenge. According to Ljungqvist, there were many obstacles on the road before the pair could carry on roller skiing. At one point they had to pause for two weeks, seeing as Ljungqvist was down with a throat infection. It was indeed a tough adventure for the daredevils Swedes.

Some of Jonathan’s feats include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa, in a crazy way, becoming the first Swede to climb the famous mountain.

Having an adventure partner is ideal for every adventurer. Jonathan seems to have found the ideal partner in Marcus. On the 10th of May 2013, they started a journey that would take them through fourteen different countries and two continents on a bike!

The adventurers met many challenges in Africa, starting with the revolution in Cairo, crossing the great desert in Sudan, going through Ethiopia with malaria, and crossing over a tribal war area into Kenya before they reached their final destination- Tanzania.

They wanted to do something that was both adventurous and meaningful, so they decided to use the adventure trip to raise funds for an orphanage in Africa.

For both of them, it was the second visit to Africa. Jonathan had previously worked in an orphanage in northern Tanzania while Marcus had worked as a volunteer at a school in Uganda.

It was an arduous journey that involved plodding along the Austrian Alps, sprinting past stray dogs nipping at their heels in Greece, going down with infections and malaria.

In Cairo, Jonathan and his partner ended up near Tahrir Square during the first days of July where there were so many shootings and killings over the deposition of President Morsi.

It takes a huge dose of courage and determination to walk on hundreds of miles through the hot deserts of Sudan, and endure freezing on the high mountains of Ethiopia’s high mountains. Marcus got an amoebiasis and Jonathan had malaria and they were close to giving up. But they stuck to their goal and were finally able to raise the money for the orphanage and school through the attention that their journey had gotten.

Jonathan Ljungqvist is unrelenting as he keeps the adventure flag flying and continues to deliver lectures and speeches at institutions to entrepreneurs, brands and companies. We wait to see what this professional adventurer has up his sleeves this year.

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