YSOP Artist Gives An Exhibition

May 12, 2017
Tim Young

YSOP International prides itself with having Core Values such as leadership, service, giving, and character. But there is one value that wasn’t mentioned that makes YSOP such an unique community to belong to, and that is diversity. Young Society of Outstanding Professionals is not only comprised of young professionals from around the world expressing its cultural diversity. But just as important, is the diversity of Gifts, Talents, and Abilities found among the members of YSOP.

One such talent is Latisha Brown, a gifted and prolific artist from Maryland, USA. Latisha recently finished her studies as an art student at Bowie State University. She will soon graduate with a Bachelors of Arts degree with a concentration in Studio Art. I recently had the pleasure of attending Latisha’s Senior Thesis Art Exhibition. I was so proud to see her beautiful, and thought provoking works on display. She calls her senior thesis, Sea of Transcendence. This is what Latisha has to say about her work….”through my artwork I am telling a story, a journey from a lonely, dark, depressing place to a happier, self-loving place where a person can rise above their demons.”

We are so fortunate to have Latisha as a part of our community to share her Gifts, Talents, and Abilities with the world. I hope that her passion and ambition to pursue her dreams and aspirations will inspire others to do the same. Congratulations from your cousin Tim!

Click the link below to view Latisha’s art gallery!