Maturity Exam for Humanity

May 25, 2020
How to Let Coronavirus Have a Positive Impact on Our World - PART 1

The World is currently facing a new challenge – the highly contagious SARS-Cov-2 virus that causes COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in thousands of people losing their lives and their loved ones have not even been able to say goodbye in the normal way. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global economic downtime. A lot of people have become unemployed yet on the other hand, as in the case of health workers, this is an extremely intensified period. It is difficult to estimate what other consequences will be associated with this phenomenon. Fortunately, many governments are taking remedial action quickly, and most citizens are willing to comply with the restrictions, increasing the chances of managing the situation.

The implemented remedial measures, however, are associated with two further threats. The first of these results directly from the change itself. The actions undertaken should calm us down. As humans, however, we have natural resistance to any change and not everyone has learned to like it. This was noticeable among people, both those around us and in the network, where psychological defense mechanisms that help to deal with fear and other negative emotions such as denial, repression, suppression, rationalization, sublimation, compensation and humor are particularly well visible (more on defense mechanisms).

Many people do not accept that the threat is real, others have sought to justify what is happening by presenting the virus as a lesson to humanity. Others, consciously, functioned as if nothing had happened, and the entire internet was flooded with memes and funny videos. Many of these behaviors were based out of fear, which most of us have done. Important here is to be conscious of what mechanism we chose. Another threat, the effects of which we are beginning to observe, for a certain group of people, may be isolation.

When the emotions subsided a bit, everything began to return to reality, to the here and now. Here in the house. For some it is a unique time in which they can catch up and undertake projects they have not previously had time for. Talking with friends, however, I can see there are some people finding lockdown challenging and cannot wait to go back to their school, university, or work.

There is the influence of proactivity, i.e. an attitude in which it assumes that we as individuals are responsible for our lives by making choices and taking action. And here is good news for those who have had enough of it all. Proactivity is something that we have influence on and that we can train and develop at home.

As the current and future leaders of Young Society of Outstanding Professionals, we work mainly with people – usually outside. Therefore, many of our projects this year have probably been cancelled or we have been forced to change their format. However, we now have more time, and it is on us to use it well. So that, when the World begins to return to normal, we can participate in successfully transforming it into a better place to live. Not only to rebuild what we had, but to improve the social, economic, and ecological situation. Especially while considering the lesson we are currently undergoing. To learn to talk and appreciate what for so many years became obvious to us. To enjoy activity, health, cultural and technology assets. Regain internal and international peace.

COVID-19 has turned the whole World upside down. And as a result, we can do more by taking systematic, regular, and good-oriented actions. However, to make a change, each of us must be a change.  To give strength and joy, energy should emanate from us. When we help others grow, we should know what development is all about. And to be a New World Leader, we must constantly update our own skill set. Take advantage of this lockdown time and look for new inspiration and learn how to successfully implement your own ideas. I invite you to read my next article. There I will list various ways to spend time and organize the day while in quarantine or lockdown as the world continues to battle COVID-19.

Tomasz Sordyl is a Polish coach, specialized in management, team building, communication, sport psychology, and climbing. He is a graduate of the University of Physical Education in Krakow Poland, majoring in Tourism and Recreation with a specialization in master’s studies, Outdoor Project Management. He is the co-founder of the AWF Channel student organization. Sordyl is an avid athlete, film producer, actor, healthy lifestyle enthusiast, and training coach – seeking to help young people succeed. Aside from that, Sordyl enjoys spending time with family and friends, and sharing his faith with others.


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