History & Philanthropy

YSOP has an interesting story behind it. It is literally an organization that was built from scratch. YSOP started as a small network of people that connected on the Young Brother’s Myspace band’s page. This page was setup for brothers Tim Young the piano player and Alphonso Young the drummer for the Young Brothers Band a band that started in 2006 and began performing together in 2008. Young the CEO of YSOP International connected with a lot of people but I didn’t just want to have a bunch of people “following” him or just being fans. So he made those people who liked his music and videos a part of the band. In other words, he made them honorary members of the Young Brothers Band.

Around the same time, he was teaching private piano lessons out of his home in Maryland, U.S.A. He knew that he eventually wanted to turn his teaching into a business and did just that in 2011.

It turns out that the people who were supporting the Young Brothers Band were also made supporters of Tim’s school which was called Young’s School of Gospel and Jazz Piano or for short Young’s School of Piano which started the abbreviation Y.S.O.P. Then around 2009, Tim’s supporters originated from about 20 countries. Tim soon began referring to these people as YSOP International Team Members. Tim remembers how honored they all felt when he would give them that title. “I was amazed at all the positive feedback I was getting from all of them,” Young once said.

It was in 2011 when Young created a profile on facebook so that he could have a platform for all of his team members to connect and to support one another. Young’s organization that he called YSOP International – which later became the abbreviation for the new name of the organization – Young’s Society of Outstanding Professionals International. The organization grew even larger to over 200 members as Young and other members invited people to become a part of YSOP International. It was also during this time that Young began seeing the many gifts, talents, and abilities within the organization. As a result, in 2014 the tagline “Impacting the World with our Gifts, Talents, and Abilities was born. As he started to network and engage more with people he saw that helping others achieve their goals and dreams in life was so much better than just having fans or supporters as a musician.

After a couple of years of only having an online connection with everyone, Young decided it was important to meet some of them in person. Young organized his first YSOP European tour in 2012 which took him to Switzerland, Austria, and Slovakia. He never thought that he would do such a trip and by himself at that. But, it was the best trip ever. As Young stated, “I truly felt like I was on a mission.” Young called this mission the “Spreading the Gospel of Music Worldwide” tour which was also the tagline for his newly formed school. The YSOP team members that he met on this trip took good care of him. He met some really nice people whom he made YSOP team members while traveling. So the organization grew during Young’s first international tour. One of the first YSOP International Team Member was Benjamin Erban from Bratislava, Slovakia. Benjamin wrote the following message to Young after his visit to Slovakia. “Tim, your visit to Europe was a real blessing and I thank you very much that you decided to also come to Slovakia. I really felt the presence of God on our every step. You taught me that He has our back everywhere and at any time – man, thanks to you I now know that I can always rely on His guidance!”

Young organized a second tour the following year in 2013. This one started in Sweden, then to Latvia, an attempt to travel to Belarus, ending in the Netherlands. Once again, his trip was amazing. If you visit the photos section of this website you can see photos of both of these trips. Here is message from Young to the YSOP International team during his trip to Sweden: “Greetings everyone! After much drama with my flights to get out here to Stockholm, it all worked out in my favor!! I’m in Stockholm now and so far so good. My friend, Erik Petersson whom I met in Oslo, Norway several years ago, did not let me rest at all today. We walked all over town. I ate a traditional Swedish dish for lunch that was really good called Räkmacka (basically it was a shrimp sandwich). He is now trying to setup a recording session tomorrow for us at his old school (Royal Academy of Music). I’m looking forward to that!! I will do my best to keep you posted on where I am and what’s going on!!! Thank you all for your continued support! I believe this YSOP trip will be one to remember!”

In 2015 Young wanted to expand the outreach of the organization. So he soon started a youtube page, blog for YSOP, and began to search for professionals to build a website that would showcase the diverse gifts, talents, and abilities of his team members.

Another important aspect of YSOP involves Young’s Christian faith. It was because of his faith that led him to experience the joy of giving. As a result, giving and service became two of YSOP’s core values and Young’s mission and focus from 2011 to the present. These two core values along with the other three – leadership, character, and cultural diversity accounts for the great success and expansion of YSOP International today.

Today in 2016, YSOP now has an amazing website and a marketing agency that is taking the YSOP mission and message even further throughout the world. YSOP International is now a community of young outstanding professionals from over 60 countries around the world. The organization has countless success and life changing stories as a result of being a part of YSOP. The organization is now waiting on final approval for its nonprofit 501 c3 status from the federal government which will allow the organization to apply for government and corporate funding and grants as well as to receive tax exempt donations. This will allow the members of YSOP International to accomplish even more of their goals and dreams.