Code of Conduct


The wisdom and the insights that I will share with this organization came out of my own personal experience as a professional musician, businessman, mentor, teacher, and Army soldier. I got seven of these eight keys to success while traveling through the United States on a bus in 2013. All seven keys came to me one by one as I began reflecting on how I got to be where I am in life as a professional. I asked myself questions like, “How did I get to be at the level I’m at in life?” “How did I earn the respect of so many people throughout my life”? Well, as I began to ask the questions, the answers also began to flow down to me from God I believe.

I would like to use the answers I got as the blueprint for YSOP International Codes of Conduct and the 8 Keys to Success. As the proud leader of this amazing organization, it is my sincere desire that the members of YSOP International will attempt to live out these principals in their own lives. Some of these principals may seem simple or trivial. But when done in a consistent way, I can assure you that you will truly “Stand out” to be “Outstanding” like our name depicts – Young Society of OUTSTANDING PROFESSIONALS.

I will write the following 8 principles below as I wrote them in my journal during that time. A brief explanation will follow each principle just like I wrote in my journal. I hope that these principles will enrich your life. Here we go:

1) Respect Authority – use a person’s title appropriately like Mr. or Mrs., Sir, or Ma’am.

2) Be Diligent in your work affairs or business – remember “work” is a verb – an action word.

3) Be Early to your Appointments – being on time is late.

4) Choose your Associations carefully – you will never rise above your associations.

5) Watch your Appearance – you are judged by how you look.

6) Improved Communication – our speech will always either build up or tear down the listener.

7) Learn Humility – don’t do anything for vainglory.

8) Gratitude – always remember and acknowledge those who have helped you along the way in life.

There you have it YSOP International members. These are my keys to success and the Codes of Conduct for this organization. I hope that even if you don’t agree that you would take them to heart and even give them a try. It will be my responsibility to uphold these 8 principals within the YSOP community and to require all members, staff, partners, and sponsors of YSOP International to adhere and abide by these 8 codes. I want to hold YSOP to the highest standard possible and be an example of what an organization can and should be like to Impact the World in a positive way.


Thank you and God bless!


Tim Young

CEO Young Society of Outstanding Professional International