YSOP music division of YSOP International was established to help and support members from around the world with gifts, talents, and abilities in the field of music. Before YSOP was formed into the organization that it is today the CEO of YSOP, Tim Young was a musician first who had connected with and supported other musicians from around the world. It was from those networking opportunities, collaborations, and support he gave to other musicians, singers, and songwriters that led Young to expand his vision in order to network and to help and support others in different fields than his own. Thus, YSOP International was born.

The YSOP music division will support and help musicians, solo artists, and bands that are creating music that could easily be produced by Young’s record label SGM Records which stands for Spreading the Gospel of Music.

The idea to start a record label began with Young in 2011. As a piano teacher and musician, Young wanted to create an outlet for himself, students, and others to produce and record music that came straight from the heart. Young, being fed up with the music of today and its lack of substance and purpose, decided to create a label that would be undefiled by the commercialism and compromise that is so prevalent in the music industry today. Young wanted to produce and record music that transcended labels or genres and wanted to produce and record music that was made with love and music that made the listener feel closer to God. SGM Records is all about the love and truth that should be heard and felt in music.

This division of YSOP will be a platform for musicians, singers and songwriters to get their music refined and heard by the masses.


  • Be a featured artist in YSOP’s publications – website, blog, youtube channel, newsletter, and other social media platforms.
  • Perform at YSOP sponsored fund raising events.
  • Have a chance to record on Tim Young’s record label SGM Records.
  • Get reviews on a newly released CD.
  • Musical collaborations with other YSOP musicians including the CEO of YSOP International Tim Young.
  • Belong to a community of YSOP musicians, singers, and songwriters to network with and to share ideas


The video below showcases the many diverse styles of musicians that are a part of the YSOP International community.

YSOP is a proud supporter and distributor of one of America’s premiere experts on gospel music. Please click the link below to see the list of  numerous books Dr. Jefferson has written on the subject of playing gospel music. YSOP members are eligible to recieve discounts on all purchases listed.