YSOP Memberships

Become a part of the YSOP International Community TODAY to NETWORK and CONNECT with Young Outstanding Professionals in music, sports, film, business, modeling, and much more. Don’t miss out on this AMAZING opportunity to share your GIFTS, TALENTS, and ABILITIES with people from around the world while receiving support to help make your dreams come true!



A BASIC MEMBERSHIP to YSOP International is FREE. Please read below what you can expect to get with basic membership to YSOP.

1) To be placed on the YSOP email list where you will receive the YSOP newsletter and updates about the organization.

2) You will have access to the YSOP industries section of the website to gain insights into your specific field of interest.

3) Access to the future YSOP store where you can shop for products and services from other members

4) Access to other additional content from the website as some of the content can only be viewed by having a Premium Membership

5) May participate in YSOP webinars given in any industry

6) May attend YSOP “live” events like conferences, seminars, and workshops



A PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP to YSOP International will cost $22.00 a month. Please read below what you can expect to receive with your Premium Membership.

You can expect to receive everything with a Basic Membership plus the following below:

1) Full access to ALL of the content on the YSOP website

2) Eligible to receive Sponsorship, Mentoring, and Funding from YSOP

3) Be featured in the news section of the website and other social media outlets

4) May use all of the services that YSOP offers

5) Receive bonuses and discounts for YSOP products and services offered

6) Access to the YSOP Membership Directory to connect with other members

7) Access to all of the YSOP coaching and training videos